Tuesday, 21 October 2014

HOME: Office Inspiration

White Home Office Inspiration Interior Design Blogger

The box room at my house is around half way towards becoming the home office of my Pinterest inspired dreams!  Approximately 746 layers of wallpaper were painstakingly removed, the walls re-plastered and everything painted a bright white... and I mean everything!  The walls, ceiling, skirting board, window frame and even the door are now white!

I've always had the image of a stark white room with statement black furniture in mind, and if you checked out my pinterest boards you'd see around 50 images similar to those above.  Chic, simple, stylish and semi-Scandinavian is the look I'm going for.

So far this little room contains a simple IKEA desk (like in the bottom right picture) made up of the white Linnmon table top and dark grey Lerberg trestle legs, and also my beloved black ladder shelves from Amazon (like in the bottom left picture).  And that's about it!  I do want to keep the home office minimal (though also with the odd picture collage), but not as minimal as it currently is!  I've decided that the next purchase for the room is going to an Ray and Charles Eames style chair, but I really can't decided whether to go for black, grey or white...  Or even if I should get the eames DAW armchair version or the standard DSW dining chair!!

I need help, so let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!  Also, keep dropping by the blog to see the finished Home Office!

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

OUTFIT: Autumn Sunday Walk

Khaki Green Warehouse Studded Jumper Fashion Blogger
Khaki Green Warehouse Studded Jumper Fashion BloggerWoods Autumn TreesKhaki Green Warehouse Studded Jumper Fashion BloggerAutumn Sunday Walk Fashion BloggerAutumn Sunday Walk Fashion BloggerKhaki Green Warehouse Studded Jumper Fashion BloggerAutumn Sunday Walk Fashion Blogger

I love a relaxed walk through the woods in Autumn, the colours are just amazing and the changing of the season is always a little special.  Today was unusually warm for an Autumn's day up north, but it's still Autumn nevertheless so that means jumper and jeans time!  I recently picked up the Topshop Leigh Jeans with the oh so popular ripped knees.  I was in need of a nicely fitted pair of light blue jeans, and I'd been having some serious fashion envy of anyone I saw wearing them I just had to get them!

It seems that the turning of the seasons has brought khaki back into stores.  Luckily I've got plenty of khaki pieces from around two years ago, so I dug out this old studded jumper from Warehouse to pair with my new purchase - the whole outfit was perfect for a casual Sunday walk.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

OUTFIT: Mickey Mouse in Normandy

Primark Mickey Mouse Jumper  |  Zara Coat  |  Primark Pumps

We took these photos on a recent trip to Normandy, France.  At the time I had no intention in using them for a blog post but I just loved seeing Mickey's smiley face I couldn't resist sharing them!  Please do ignore my moody face though, I actually wasn't feeling very well!

This beach at Barneville-Carteret has featured on my blog a few times (check out these posts for past outfits captured here).  This time we visited at the end of September, on the whole the weather was still lovely and sunny, but a hint of Autumn was starting to come through in the chilly coastal breeze.  Jeans, this light weight Mickey Mouse jumper from Primark and my trusty Zara coat from a few seasons ago were all I needed to keep warm!  I love how light -hearted this jumper is, I think I like wearing it so much as it's the only 'novalty' item of clothing I have in my wardrobe!

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Mickey Mouse Jumper Primark Normandy France Fashion Blogger
Mickey Mouse Jumper Primark Normandy France Fashion Blogger

Mickey Mouse Jumper Primark Normandy France Fashion Blogger
Mickey Mouse Jumper Primark Normandy France Fashion Blogger
Mickey Mouse Jumper Primark Normandy France Fashion Blogger

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

NEW IN: A Christmas TK Maxx Haul

Christmas Haul TK Maxx HomeSense Decorations
Buying Christmas  goodies in October (the beginning of October no less!) must be an absolute first for me!  Really, it's only been the last two years or so that I've genuinely been excited for Christmas - I think it may be a combination of having my lovely little niece visit at that time of year and a new house that I'm really excited to decorate!  We all love having a rummage around TK Maxx right?  Well I did a bit of that in the Christmas section at the weekend.  Yep, totally bypassing the Halloween section I picked up a fair few bits - impromptu Christmas Haul!

I picked up the Bahoma set of two Noel Noel scented Candles (£9.99) first of all, I love Christmas scents!  Label anything as 'Christmas spiced' and I'm sold.  The Noel Noel candles are tangerine, nutmeg, berry, fir needle and cinnamon scented.  I'm waiting until it gets that bit closer to Christmas before burning them, but these still smell amazing!  Actually I blame these candles for getting me in the Christmas spirit!!

I spotted the set of 4 'Cherish The Season' tree decorations (£3.99) thinking the cute little ceramic acorns and pinecones would fit in perfectly with the simple white theme (with a hint of red) I went for last year, which I loved and had already planned to continue with in 2014.  The white ceramic Reindeer head (£4.99) has the same chalky feel as the tree decorations.  It's the subtlety of this as a Christmas decoration that I really like!  Stag heads and antlers have been popular in home decorating for quite a while now, so what better to have around at Christmas times?  This may end up on my mantlepiece a bit earlier than what's socially acceptable for Christmas decorations!

Finally I picked up what must be everyone's (right?!) must have purchase for around the Christmas period (well, towards the end of the year anyway).  A new diary!  I've only ever seen the 'In Tempo Firenze' diaries in TK Maxx, but I've picked up a few notebooks and journals from this brand in TK Maxx before and have found the quality to be really great for the price - this rather large, real leather diary was only £5.99.  Predominantly in Italian (hey ho, I'm an italophile and can understand the basics!)  this page a day 2015 diary has all the sections you could want, I can't wait to start filling it with notes and appointments!!

Let me know if I'm crazy to have started picking up Christmas bits and bobs already!!

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